How popular is self-publishing? You might be surprised.

What did you think about as the New Year rolled around and you made your resolutions for 2014? Did you promise yourself that you are going to finish writing your own book, or even make sure it gets published? Did you vow to self-publish your book this year, hoping that 2014 is the year that you take the world by storm?

You are not alone; in fact, you are in surprisingly busy company. A survey by self-publishing platform has revealed that 28% of British people resolved to self-publish their book this year, and as the saying goes that everybody has a book in them, we won’t be surprised if several of them succeed.

The growing trend for self-publishing and the worldwide sense that if you want something doing right, you have to do it yourself has seen a huge increase in numbers of up and coming authors in the UK, let alone in the rest of the world, while just under 10% of British people have self-published a photo book, cookery book or illustrated children’s book.

Self-publishing has become more and more popular over recent years not just for those wanting to publish their novels and story books, but also for non-fiction such as history, family tales or children’s stories. In fact, in 2013 there was a 260% increase in self-published children’s books as well as a great surge of authors self-publishing self-help books such as parenting advice or family books.

So why is the craze so big? As we wrote about last week, self-publishing has been around as a concept since Marcel Proust self-published In Search of Lost Time, so why is it only just beginning to take off as an astute way to get your creativity noticed in published form? According to the New Year survey, the most popular reason for Brits to self-publishing their work is because they think it would be fun, while 24% admit that their primary motivation is to earn extra money from self-publishing. In fact, it is surprising to hear that despite the large numbers of self-publishing wannabes; only 3% want to self-publish their work because they think that their lives and experience have given them the tools to write a real or imagined story to tell that would create readable and interesting content.

This brings us back to the point that, despite the saying that everybody has a book in them, your book needs to be worthwhile to its readers for it to succeed in the whirlwind of self-publishing. So if you have a great story to tell, a collection of recipes that you are itching to share with the world, or a talent for creating illustrations that will inspire and engage children, then don’t hesitate to share it, but make sure that you are prepared for the roller coaster of self-publishing.


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