Don’t be put off by traditional publishing – learn how to do it yourself!

We’ve talked a lot about how the self-publishing revolution is taking over the publishing industry, and we’re sure that you’re well aware that self-publishing is fast becoming the best way to get your first novel or book published. But now the self-publishing revolution has grown to a whole new level as the University of Central Lancashire has announced the world’s first degree in self-publishing.

The well regarded university, based in Preston, Lancashire, will launch a Master’s degree in Self-Publishing from September 2014, aiming to help writers to gain the skills they need to, as the university puts it, ‘become the next E. L. James’.

Course leader Debbie Williams is sure that the MA degree will help to guide first time writers and those with as yet unpublished works through the process of self-publishing and help them to realise the dream of seeing their own book in print. The university want their new MA to help legitimise the idea of self-publishing, which has often been seen as a negative impact on the publishing industry. Despite Jeffrey Archer’s opinion that self-publishing only guarantees that the author will read the published works, Ms Williams counters that argument with the fact that even the biggest authors across the world are looking in self-publishing now, and in fact, as we told you recently, some of the most famous writers in history favoured self-publishing to get their works into the public sphere.

The University are insisting that the Self-Publishing MA is not a creative writing course, it is a course designed to include modules such as production, finance, sales and marketing and the specifics involved in the creation of eBooks. Lectures and seminars as well as workshops will feature expert industry speakers, while the university will offer help with structural editing to would-be self-published writers who come on their course.

Since being announced the course in Preston has already had an unprecedented amount of applicants, and Ms Williams says that the idea for the Master’s was sparked by demand from students and alumni alike, as she points out that best-selling self-published author Kerry Wilkinson was a student at the University of Central Lancashire before he self-published his Jessica Daniel crime series and subsequently reached Amazon’s Kindle bestseller charts.

It may be hard to believe that this small university in the North West of the UK is the first in the world to offer any kind of degree in Self-Publishing, but it is true, and that just comes to show that 2014 is going to be a huge year for our industry and we are surely going to see some big changes in publishing as a whole.

It seems that the traditional route of publishing may be becoming less and less popular as we go on, and it will soon be the norm for writer’s to self-publish their works. As the industry evolves, it speaks volumes for our industry and our writers, and since we’ve all got a book in us, why not publish it, too?


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