10 tips that will lead you on a path of self-publishing greatness (Part 1)

Self-publishing has become by far the most effective way of getting your work published the first time. But before you can do that, take a look at these tips and see if they don’t help you to bring your self-published book into the greatness that it deserves.

  1.        Confidence. While these tips are in no particular order, I must stress that having confidence in your writing is by far the most important tip I could possibly give you. Doing it by yourself and avoiding the traditional publishers will take guts, but if you don’t believe in it, then nobody else will. You need to be able to rave about your writing, encourage others to fall in love with your story, and convince skeptics that they are wrong, and you are right.
  2.        Be yourself. Similarly to having confidence in your writing, you also need to be true to yourself throughout the process. Write for a genre that suits you, both as a writer and as a person, if you choose to write on a genre that you would never read, then change it. If you are not comfortable writing, you will not be confident in selling it, and if you don’t enjoy writing it, then nobody is going to enjoy reading it.
  3.        Respect your reader. Self-publishing has become so big recently that everybody in the world has the opportunity to write lots of books and get them out there for all to see. This doesn’t mean that everybody should, however. Just because you can self-publish, doesn’t mean you should rush it. You shouldn’t be in this for the money (although it helps, right?), you should be in this for the relationship that you will create with your reader, so make sure that your work represents your utmost respect for your reader by putting 100% effort into every single word.
  4.        Read the bad reviews. But don’t take them to heart! You are never going to write a book that pleases every single person on the planet, so don’t get bummed out if somebody leaves a less than flattering review. It’s what you get on average that really counts, and the most constructive reviews should give you some ideas for how to present your next offering.
    Equally, don’t get carried away with the five star reviews, it’s nice to know that you’re appreciated, but this doesn’t mean that you are the next best thing!
  5.        Get yourself a muse. Somebody in your life should be the designated reader of all of your work, and that one person should be the person that you have in your mind as you are writing. Think about what he or she would laugh at, cry at or be fearful about. Your muse should also be your biggest critic, so encourage them to be your first reader and to give you feedback; this will help you to create a better product that you will be proud to show to the world at large.

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Mereo Books is part of Memoirs Publishing - a UK based independent self-publishing company with an unrivalled combination of professional know how and the personal touch. We publish a wide range of genres including memoirs, fiction, fantasy, travel, true crime, romance and self-help. We provide editing, ghost writing, sales, marketing and distribution support as required.

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