Publisher’s weekly magazine launches a new website for self-publishers as they help to shape a maturing industry

More good news for self-published writers comes this month as yet another giant in the publishing world gets on board with the new style of publishing that has been taking the world by storm of late.

At the end of this month Publisher’s Weekly magazine will introduce BookLife, a new website for self-publishers. At this year’s BookExpo America PW magazine will discuss how they expect BookLife to provide services which will help self-published writers or prospective self-published writers to achieve their dreams of seeing their work in print.

According to PW, BookLife will focus on helping writers in three key areas: a book’s creation, publishing and marketing. A number of different services will be offered through this website, and PW said that it will provide self-published authors “access to its knowledge of book publishing and its understanding of the tools and professional standards that contribute to success.” President of BookLife, Carl Pritzkat, said that the BookLife website will be worth a look after it is officially launched at the BookExpo event at the end of May.

The services offered will include some of the most notoriously difficult aspects of self-publishing, including finding vetted professionals to provide services such as cover design and editing, as well as marketing expertise which will help self-published authors to get their books noticed. The site sure sounds like something quite special, so be sure to keep your eyes on the BookExpo event and the BookLife website for further details of what it might be able to offer you.

As well as championing help for self-published writers, Publisher’s Weekly is one of the many supporters of the growing self-publishing industry that is championing the growing acceptance of what many will call “indie books”. Proving their commitment to the self-publishing cause, PW have made major changes to the way in which they review self-published books, and instead of casting them out to their own supplement, self-published books reviews will be integrated with those of traditionally published books.

Until now, Publisher’s Weekly have limited reviews of self-published books to their PW Select supplement, which self-published authors see their works listed in return for a fee. The Select supplement is produced monthly, and self-publishers who have paid their fee for their listing will become eligible for a review. 600 reviews of self-published works have appeared in PW Select in the last four years, bolstering its commitment to put self-published books in front of book buyers as well as publishers and agents.

The aim of BookLife is to build on that success, helping little known authors and first time self-published writers to get their book in front of the right people, giving them the best chance possible of success. All self-published titles will now be submitted for review consideration through BookLife, and even better, there will be no fee charged to participate in the new website.


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