A sweet story that will teach you never to give up

The most important mantra to have as a self-publishing author, or an author of any kind, is that you mustn’t ever give up. And even if you do give up, make sure that it’s not for good.

No matter how many rejection letters you get from traditional publishers or how hard a job it seems to get your book published by yourself, if you believe in yourself then there will always be others who believe in you, too. The story of (self) published author Mary Petrie is one that will get you believing in yourself, and in those around you, even if you feel exhausted at the thought of getting your novel onto the shelves.

Mary Petrie’s son, Stryker Thompson, recently began studying science and engineering at the University of Minnesota, but before he left home he wanted to get a thank you gift for his parents, something that would express his gratitude for the way that they brought him up. His mother was a professor of English at a local college, but in previous years had written her own novel and attempted to get it published the traditional way, but after 27 rejection letter, in 2002 she did what we always tell you not to, and that was give up.

With the book firmly on the shelf, Mrs Petrie had almost forgotten about her novel until one day when her son came into the kitchen and told her he got her a thank you gift. Receiving her published novel, covered and bound in her hands, she burst into tears.

Stryker had spent the previous few months formatting and editing the book until it was perfect, and he even asked his girlfriend to design the front cover of the book just the way his mother had imagined and described to him. “It was very meticulous work,” said the teenager who was studying for his high school final exams at the same time.

Now that the book, titled “At the End of Magic” is printed and bound, traditional publishers have shown interest in her work and she is set to have another unpublished book published before too long. The writer turned English professor is soon to turn back to writing again, as she is on a sabbatical from her college job to write a nonfiction book about the professor-student relationship. The first publishing reading of her novel was a standing-only event, and it has since gone from strength to strength.

Mary Petrie might have given up, but her son never gave up on her, and always believed in her ability. So, no matter how down-hearted you become, how many rejection letters you receive and how many novels you have on the shelf, there will always be somebody who believes in you and is willing to take a chance on you.


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