10 Top Tips for Aspiring Authors

As advocates of aspiring writers and authors who want to make their first big step into the world of publishing, or self-publishing, our first hand on the ladder is to give you what we consider to be our top ten tips for those wanting to make a career of it. So if writing is what you really want to make your living doing, then read on.

  1. Be a writer. This might sound obvious, but if you are an aspiring writer then that means you are not actually a writer, and a writer, well, writes. Even if you think it is no good, if you don’t expect it to get published, or if you’re just writing for yourself, you should still be writing. Otherwise you can’t call yourself a writer.
  2. Enjoy what you’re writing. Again, this might sound like something every writer should know, but many people find themselves forcing their brains to be creative on the subject of the US judicial system when what they are really interested in, what they really want to write about, is teen dramas. Your passion and your love for your subject will come across in your work, and if it doesn’t, then it’s not real.
  3. Organise yourself. Every writer, although creative, should be organised, and that means planning and outlining before actually writing. If you’re writing with purpose then you should know where you’re going next instead of just fumbling through and hoping that it turns out okay in the end. Being flexible when you actually come down to it is okay too, but the planning is what will get you to the finish line.
  4. One draft won’t cut it, and two might not either, so be prepared to write, rewrite and rewrite again until it’s perfect.
  5. Cut whatever is unnecessary. Irrelevant anecdotes, words or phrases might have felt genius during your first draft, but if you’re unsure of them later on, then cut them.
  6. Trust in yourself and your talent. Believe in yourself, and the talent will come. Ignore what other people say; if they think that your genius idea isn’t quite as genius as you do, they might be wrong. If somebody else tells you to think about the commercial market when you’re figuring out your story, ignore them. You can’t predict the reading market, but you can enjoy what you do and follow your instinct.
  7. Don’t give up! Whether you end up rewriting seventeen times, or resubmitting seventy times, you will get there eventually, so follow point number six and don’t give up.
  8. Be patient. Perhaps this is a side note to point seven, but while you are not giving up you also need to be patient because no matter how long it takes, it will all be worth it in the end.
  9. Enjoy criticism. Constructive criticism, that is. Ask anyone and everyone you know to read your stuff and chances are one of them actually will. Ask that one person to be completely honest with you, and you’ve just got yourself your first edit.
  10. Accept that it will not be easy. No part of being a writer is a piece of cake, but it is exhilarating, mind-blowing and oh-so satisfying once you get there. So learn to take a punch, accept the rejections and the criticism and keep going: no one said it would be easy, but it will be the best thing you ever did.

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Mereo Books is part of Memoirs Publishing - a UK based independent self-publishing company with an unrivalled combination of professional know how and the personal touch. We publish a wide range of genres including memoirs, fiction, fantasy, travel, true crime, romance and self-help. We provide editing, ghost writing, sales, marketing and distribution support as required.

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