Finding the time to write: it’s not impossible!

Writing the next great novel is everybody’s dream, and finding the time to do it is what is standing in everybody’s way. If I had the time, I expect I could have published more than a couple of novels by now, but unfortunately I just don’t have that kind of luxury.

So how can you fit writing your next great masterpiece around a full-time job, a family life and a social life on top of it all? Some of our best tips are below.

  1. Don’t get hung up on your word count. You can aim to write every day, every other day, or three times a week, but don’t set yourself word counts to aim for, because if you don’t meet it you will only get downhearted. Set yourself realistic expectations, and even if you only write for five minutes one day, then that is better than nothing.
  2. Make the most of your down time. Think about the points in your day when you are sitting around doing nothing. At the dentist’s office, on the bus, waiting for your kids to finish at swim practice? You could be writing! Get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard or a notebook and take it with you everywhere you go; that way your writing can be done before you even get home for dinner.
  3. Keep momentum going. If you have a great few days of writing, then keep it going, keep writing, and don’t stop. The minute you stop, the minute you take a break, that momentum slows down and so do you. Then it will be harder to get going again, harder to get yourself in the right frame of mind the produce fantastic prose.
  4. Turn off. Of course, you might need your computer to write, but you don’t need the internet, your phone, and your social media. Some of the best writing I have ever done was while disconnected from the internet and cell service for a weekend, and some of the best procrastinating I have ever done included both of those things.
  5. Finally, have faith in yourself. You can write, you are good at it, and you can finish. Don’t rush, don’t lose the quality, simply make sure that you stick to your own realistic objectives, and if you slip off, don’t be dispirited, simply pick yourself back up and get going again.

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Mereo Books is part of Memoirs Publishing - a UK based independent self-publishing company with an unrivalled combination of professional know how and the personal touch. We publish a wide range of genres including memoirs, fiction, fantasy, travel, true crime, romance and self-help. We provide editing, ghost writing, sales, marketing and distribution support as required.

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