Indie bookstores launch worldwide community book club

Have you ever joined a book club that had trouble getting off the ground? It was a little more club than it was book, and sometimes it was only two of you sitting around a bottle of wine talking about the book that you’d both only read half of?

Good book clubs are sometimes a little few a far between, and with the existence of eBooks, it’s harder to sit in a room with others and talk about a book, when you don’t have a physical copy in front of you. So to give readers an alternative to the Amazon Bestseller’s List and to help them get out of the eBook habit, a new National Book Club has been set to.

Developed by merchandiser Litographs and four independent bookstores: Harvard Book Store of Cambridge in Massachusetts; Green Apple Books in San Francisco; The Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle which if course is most likely now competing with Amazon’s very first physical bookstore which opened close to the University of Washington just a few weeks ago; and Left Bank Books in St. Louis, Missouri.

The National Book Club, (which may seem as if it is only for readers within the USA, but really, how are they going to stop you?) enables these independent book store to hand curate four books per season for members to read, and when you buy a book from one of these stores, Litographs will send you a free gift. Members of the book club will then be invited to write their very own shelf-talker for the titles that they enjoyed which will be featured on the Litographs website, and maybe even on a real life bookshelf in one of the indie bookstores themselves.

In an effort to encourage readers to stick to the bookstores and keep off the internet, this book club is a fantastic way to reassure community, reading, conversation and buying local. And, if you buy from the Harvard Book Store, then the four titles will be sold at 20% off.

The selection of books for the first season of the National Book Club are:

  • Speak by Louisa Hall, recommended by the Harvard Book Store
  • The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead, recommended by Green Apple Books
  • The Orenda by Joseph Boyden, recommended by The Elliot Bay Book Company
  • Romantic Outlaws by Charlotte Gordon, recommended by Left Bank Books

So visit the Lithographs website, sign up, and get reading with your very own international community book club. Let us know how you get on!


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