Why you shouldn’t give up on self-publishing, even if you’re still not the next E.L. James

Self-publishing is a slow process, and getting your books onto the top of the bestseller lists and into the hearts and minds of readers is not an easy feat, but it’s not impossible. And if your heart is in it, it’s all you really want, and you are determined enough, then there should be nothing stopping you.

Some people look down on the idea of self-publishing because of the difficulty that it takes to become an acclaimed author. Of course, without traditional publishers taking 90% of your profits to market you, it’s not going to come as easily, but there are other methods. Things like social media and online reviews have long been belittled for their unreliability, but consider this.

Using a publishing guild with integrity, rather than a vanity publisher which will accept anything that is sent their way, an establishment such as Mereo Books for example, to publish your book will give you a guarantee of quality which purchasers and other publishers will recognise. Online imprints such as Mereo operate in many ways similarly to a mainstream publisher, only accepting those books that have serious potential, but they are not quite as discriminating as a traditional publishing house. So if you want your book to be published with integrity, but you don’t want to spend years sifting through rejection letters, then consider an online imprint that will really help you out.

I mentioned above that online reviews are not really cutting it in the efforts to sell self-published books, but suddenly new self-publishers’ review sites have started popping up and impartially reviewing self-published novels, thus granting them a rating out of five stars. These sites are in their early days, and therefore they have yet to have made a real mark on the world’s readers who are looking for the best reviews of the best books that they have to buy for their loved ones for Christmas, however sites such as Brag Medallion, Compulsion Reads, Nash Black and The Book Review for Fiction all have tens or hundreds of readers who objectively review self-published works and leave their comments out there in the ether for anybody to read.

It’s early days, but Dr John Yeoman, a successful commercial writer and lecturer in Creative Writing, predicted for Write to Done that “by 2020… the equivalent of Brag Medallion will be as well-known as Random House,” and those looking to sell their self-published books will go straight to these review sites to make sure their writings are seen, heard, and talked about.


About mereobooks

Mereo Books is part of Memoirs Publishing - a UK based independent self-publishing company with an unrivalled combination of professional know how and the personal touch. We publish a wide range of genres including memoirs, fiction, fantasy, travel, true crime, romance and self-help. We provide editing, ghost writing, sales, marketing and distribution support as required.

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