What are your writing resolutions?

New year, new you, right? Right? So this year, you’re going to finish your book, self-publish and watch as it climbs the best-seller list and you’re offered a publishing deal with one of the giants that you’ve only dreamed of.

So what are your writing resolutions, and have you kept to them so far?

Here are a couple of ideas, if you haven’t already thought of your own, besides finish your book, of course.

  1. Go where your books takes you. If you’re writing a book set in 15th century England, it’s not so easy, but if your book is set in Edinburgh, Stockholm or Panama, then go there. Wherever your location, you should know the location, and if your location is also back in time, then know the period and the location. Read about it, visit it, and know it. Then write about it.
  2. This leads nicely to my next point, read something amazing. Something that changed something. Something historical. From Shakespeare to the Bible or from Aristotle to War and Peace. All of these books are household names, but how many of them have you read from cover to cover? Educate yourself in the world of literary giants, and then become one of them.
  3. Learn English. Oh wait, you know it, right? Sure, you do, but have you ever actually studied it? Do you know the difference between the second and third conditional, the present and the past perfect? Could you tell a noun clause apart from an adverbial clause, or a participial phrase from a complementary phrase? If you know your own language like the back of your hand, you’ll find that there’s nothing you can’t write, no emotion, time period or action that you can’t convey, and your language will be so much better for it.
  4. While you’re at it, why not learn a new language as well? Learning about another language will help you to uncover secrets about your own, and it will also help you to analyse your writing and the way in which your brain works. And, if nothing else, it might provide for good writing material.
  5. Feel all the emotions. Allow yourself periods of doubt, worry, sadness, disbelief and surrender. But make sure you embrace the opposites, the happiness, the relief and the feeling of accomplishing something. You’re trying to convey the emotions of your characters, right? Well how can you do that if you don’t know what it feels like yourself? That’s right, you can’t. So feel it, and don’t be ashamed to feel it.

Good luck, and happy writing 2016!


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