Competitions, why enter?

Have you ever read about a story competition and wondered why you should bother entering, when your main goal is to get your book published and sold in stores? Well story competitions of all kinds are not just good for your own personal practice, but they can also earn you feedback that is crucial to the overall success of your self-published book. What are the advantages of writing for a competition? Read on…

  1. Even if you don’t win a competition, you have the opportunity to gain feedback from those judging as to their thoughts on your story, and in the process you’ve got your name out there to other professionals.
  2. You might wonder why you’d waste your time on creating something just so that you can enter a competition, but if you have something you are already working on, you can often just edit it to match the theme that the competition is asking for. If it’s a short story competition, then most writers have something small up their sleeve that they can pull out, whether it’s an idea that has been formulating in your head, or something that you started work on years ago but never got around to finishing. Now is your time.
  3. There are so many free competitions to enter out there, so what have you got to lose by getting yourself involved? It costs you no money, and just an inch of your time, and you could earn some serious cash from it, with some prizes worth four figures.
  4. The exposure that you could gain from winning, or coming as a runner-up in a competition is more valuable than paid-for marketing. Those judging these competitions are always experts in the field, they might be publishers, established authors or editors. They know what they are talking about, and if they’re advertising your name and your writing, then you know you’ve come up golden. These people will remember you, they’ll look out for your work on the shelves, and they’ll be some of your biggest fans when your book finally does come to fruition.
  5. It gives you an idea of how your work will be received. If you don’t win, and you are not able to be provided with feedback from the judges, at least you know that this particular piece of writing is not going to be on a bestseller list. Take that silent feedback, run with it, and try again. If nothing else, it will give you good practice for getting your writing absolutely perfect, and you’ll be on the shelves, and those bestseller lists, before you know it.

If you want an idea of which short story competitions to enter, here is a pretty good comprehensive list that should help you out. Good luck!


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